December 20, 2019


Enlightened Kumud’s aim is to ensure the primary education for all children. 

Poor and illiterate parents are not convinced that education is a good investment of time for their children especially girls. Going to school is not an obvious component of life in the rural or slum communities. 

We are working in the deprived section of the society to convince and counsel the parents, how education for their children can change their lives and even lives of their future generation as well. Enlightened Kumud Jeevan Jyoti is ensuring that no child should miss the school because of lack of finance or some other problem and helping parents through the admission process guidelines. 

We are exploring and helping children to go to school and realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can reach to the heights if provided with the right opportunities.  

Enlightened Kumud is committed to ensure that all children, irrespective of their origin, are able to go to school and learn. We are making Continuous efforts to enable them to secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families and the community at large.