December 20, 2019


About Enlightened Kumud:

Enlightened Kumud was founded to empower children and women from underprivileged section. Enlightened strongly believes in ensuring services to the needy children and women. Mrs Kumud, founder, thought that something needed to be done to improve the situation of the underprivileged section of the society. 

Since its inception, The Enlightened team has developed a range of programs and activities to fit the needs of Children and women from the underprivileged section of society. We are working on ‘Meri Pehli Jarurat’ for children and women. For children, it is education and for women it is using pad during menstruation for hygiene. 

We at Enlightened are working to make a visible difference to the Environment. we are engaged in tree plantation, organizing awareness programs to induce a greener and healthier environment and also working to reduce air, water and noise pollution. 

Enlightened is working for healthy lives by organizing checkup camps and awareness programs on health. We promote essential newborn care and immunization, reduce malnutrition, and prevent infant and maternal deaths.

We are also engaged in Road safety awareness to prevent untimely death and injury. 

Small Milestones: 

60 Children are coming on regular basis. 

Change in the habits of cleanliness like washing hands, bathing, brushing etc. 

Women group is formed and they are excited to learn and earn.

Identified potential in children for various talent like chess playing, dancing etc. 

Organized health camp for 200 people in collaboration with HelpAge India.

Awareness camp was organized for water conservation in association with Jaldhara Foundation. 

Registration and documentation: 

Enlightened Kumud is registered as a charitable trust, in Delhi, India. 

Applied for 80G.